Enderby, British Columbia

you could be at McDonalds and you would get treated better. this place is known for it's worst working environment, everyone hate it.

MARK GOETZ one of the supervisors in the call centr and he is a complete turd. He talks down about other supervisors like will lavery during the evening shift and when I say talk down I mean gossip and talks *** about him and he does not know how supervise whatsoever. he had multiple complaints and ppl even left because of his supervising style but yet squirrel doesn't fire him. squirrel seems to fire all the good employees like Sheldon and others but yet they keep this *** around.

squirrel do us a favor and get rid of this ***?

Bob you listening? Marin Investment needs to reassess their investment because these idiots will burn this place to the ground!

Monetary Loss: $26000.

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Jesus Murphy! Can the manager in the call centre control your god *** staff?

all I hear is whining and moaning- not the moaning you hear in bed! Here's the good news for everyone:

As an executive from head office I have decided to hire the legend......(wait for it)...........ary Peter H back in the solution centre! He was among the highest performing staff members at the time of his release from Squirrel. We are aware we are currently understaffed and we cannot train new employees fast enough to provide immediate relief to the current emergency conditions in our call centre.

We are aware that in the last 5months we have lost 6 employees and more are going and that is why we have hired Peter back to his favorite job. Call centre agents - I bet he will be tripling all of your stats including calls taken, calls closed, first call resolutions, absenteeism will be lowest, and he will increase our customer satisfaction (since customers love talking to him as he flirts on the line) and maybe just then maybe we will start rolling in more business and hopefully retaining some as well, which would be a good change from the direction it is currently going.

I hope you all provide Peter H with a warm welcome and he loves hugs ( from the ladies )when he arrives Friday for his shift .

All the Best Team lets stick together because we are stronger together than we are alone.


Will L. Recruiting Manager

to recruiting decision released #859935

Who is Peter H? I agree with what Henry said and Marlo and Joe and will and Ken and Brian and Stephen and Kevin and Ganesh and Chris and Paulo and Karen and Amanda and Mark and Ralph and Emily and Mike and Stephen and Larry and jimmy and Rudy and Leslie and Bruce and jethro and David and sue and Sally and Jeff and Harry and Tammy and Rihanna and terry and Jen and Wayne and Adam and raj and Cindy and Trevor and Sheldon and jasmine and Gladys and jebb and George and said Valerie and Ginger and Gillian were talking about above

If you are not happy here than go somewhere else - we love squirrels

to Name dropper coward #860159

Oh simmer down Mr.Walker. We all know its you who replies.

Like for example, in an earlier post which discussed layoffs you mentioned how "not all of the employees were layed off " the exception was in ur department...

You're the only person that would know that . Stay off of this site because u will get trampled.


A lot of immature people on here - you should be proud of where you work or market your skills (if you have any), elsewhere - you sound like silly teenagers

No need to get all choked up when you have choices in life.

Maybe it isn't the company or everybody else or your boyfriend or wife or girlfriend or mother or even one person - maybe it is you - see an analyst - call a helpline - free and anonymous.

Be respectful - don't talk behind other peoples backs rock on like Ninja Turtles or lady gaga If so unhappy at squirrel probably unhappy in your life too

Why use any persons real name if you are too afraid to leave your own personal information?

Go bowling or hiking or go carting or fishing or square dance or have nice sleep on couch or go to beach but don't go crazy cuz bad for ur health. When life gets you down roll over and eat more sushi. If all else fails join another support centre.

to Justin Beever #855984

Like John said above join another support centre as this support centre is ridiculous and the supervisors are driving me insane right now. Especially with how busy its been last couple of weeks, I wanna shot myself


Me man - baseball bat in hand to intimidate - wassup wit dat - wack wack :( loser


How many people do coke in that department and where thy gets it


And .......another one bites the dust. Bye Sean!

Time to hurt competent new agents, yea squirrel you hired one *** agent but r u forgetting in the last 4 months we have lost 6 agents???? Get real.

to hire more ppl #843058

Hire not hurt.

to hire more ppl #844565

I'm quitting soon as well. Everyone should find new jobs.

There's nothing at squirrel.

Especially the tier1 and tier 2 agents, you will be stuck making 13an hr for a long time. Maybe 2yrs!

to Anonymous #855992

34 ppl agree with this??? That's almost all of squirrels employees!!!!

Kettering, Kettering, United Kingdom #839873

coke and *** all around


Who is in charge of that area these days, is it still that same lould person who has been there forever?

Why all of a sudden don't people get along?

Do they have a desent manager?

Why so many personal attacks?

to Anonymous #845454

Have no idea. When i worked there the director was Damien and he was great, any current employees know what's happening if there's a new,director/manager?

to Anonymous #853772

Adam Wilson, director of support services he took over damiens position

to Anonymous #855987

Adam W is the manager of the call centre that's why this place is going under and that's another reason why employees hate each other. He does a lot of favoritism towards bethany, makes others pissed. Learn to be a better and equal manager!

to Anonymous #855999

The manager is adam right now for the call centre. He needs to step up yo the plate and give everyone their raises they have earned, some people like myself have been there for over 3 years and haven't received a raise in the last two years! He also needs to learn to treat employees with respect and not talk *** about them behind the supervisors desk as I have caught him do on multiple occasions.


Everyone is at each others throats in this company. This company is going straight to ***, they need to like starting paying people more to make them happier.

to Anonymous #843491

Why is everyone complaining about how much squirrel system pays? We get an annual 2 cent cola raise

to colaraise isenuff #849003

That wasn't even a raise, that was a one time payment of like $36, and ONLY on the condition that you signed their *** contact that waives away your rights

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