POS stands for piece of ***. I had a complaint so I brought it up to my supervisor who said they would talk to damien but he never did so when I went to damien he said he would do something about it but he never did and then lied to me about it.

when I tried to do something about it myself I got fired for bullying. what a piece of *** company. some of the people I worked with are very nice people but the supervisors, and directors all need to be fired and replaced. no raises or benefits increase in the 2 years I was there except for a *** 37$ cola raise.

Keep your pittence and buy bob another hamburger. he sure works hard for it.......lol just kidding

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Atlanta, Georgia, United States #765110

ana maria is a *** too


Beth is squirrels top agent I don't know why people postabout her. If another supervisor posting comes up she will be getting it guaranteed.


Beth is a hardworking reliable employee. If you have an issue direct it to HR or if you have a mental issue please refer to your employee handbook as extended medical care coverage is available.

Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey #754799

It seems to me that the competent agents get promoted and the other ones come here to wine and dine - a man's ambition must be small to right his name on the shithouse wall :x

Wesenberg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany #748497

Solutions center is full of bullies.

How many times can you complain?

At the end YOU start looking like the problem. Take that girl in the solution centre who whines and moans all day(forget her name she has a daughter) anyways most of the staff have lost respect for her and treat her like trailer trash.

Bullies exist for a reason. We push those that are not confident to do things we want such as pressuring the vulnerable to take more calls; In the end it is beneficial for the organization to have bullies that's why they keep us around:-)

Bob White, West Virginia, United States #748470

Bob loves his sh itty burgers eh? Bob if I have to eat those burgers one more time Im gonna flip!

If we have another Bbq can we order some good food? Kthankx

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