I know who in technical support is posting the comments below... The name starts with an A ( or an I).

This man has gone to madelaine Hollis on several occasions and swore it was not him who posted this. He in fact got very angry and showed his anger by getting very defensive and strongly suggesting he would never post anything about Beth. The culprit is none other then

Andy (Inderjit). It makes me sick to think I have to go to work everyday and sit in the same room as this lowlife.

Work is supposed to be about supporting one another but instead there's nothing but built up animosity and gossip talk that circles around the room. When will this change ? Does anyone have an answer? Im sick of the bulls**t so it's time to rage.

Grow up people. Why stress someone out who is expecting a child? That's sick Andy! You should know better!

Uughh I'm so angry thinking about this. I'm done ! Ive had it!!!!

I call on Bob and madelaine Hollis to deal with this mess asap !! Hire new management or do whatever you have to do to be able to control this overflowing negativity that stems from this department.

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oh #squirrelsystems you never fail to amuse me. get real. pay your employees what they deserve and treat them right !


And this is why half of the Senior Technical Support Team quit because of all the drama this place is . That place has gone to *** now.


That statement below is almost accurate. There are NOT some agents that take their job seriously but there are a couple, if any.

The chances of a customer getting a competent agent on the phone and an agent who takes their job seriously is approximately 0.5%.

㊗ Explanation: There are approximately 20 support agents and only two (2/20) of them take their job seriously.

However the chances of them being on a call while you call in are 1/20. 0.05*0.10=0.005 *100%=0.5%


No one knows who posted those immature and quite frankly disgusting comments about her. Stop being part of the problem.

to Ultimate warrior #870715

Hhaha yeah we do we know it was Andy gill. Andy's a clown.


As much as I agree with you, people are probably going to think this post is posted by beth, and make things worse for her. If you are so sure you know who is posting why don't you go to Madelaine?

The only reason they haven't done anything is because everyone hides behind a computer when defending beth but no one actually stands up to say they know something. If you know something, say something - to the people that matter.

to Anonymous #871385

Agreed. I've seen Beth crying at work because of some of you immature people don't understand the feelings of others and are self centered individuals who only get amusement out of degrading others.

This certainly does not put on a good example for the newbies and eventually they all join in on this behavior as it becomes the norm. Do everyone a favor next week and stay away from those you think feel bullied and see if this issue de-escalates.


Management will never change at Squirrel. The people in power have weaseled, tricked, lied to, and deceived everyone else to get into the positions that they are in presently, and they have a death grip on these positions.

The problems, according to them, are with the agents who are viewed as disposable, and easily replaceable. If you have a problem with Squirrel, you need to get over it or find a new job, because the management has heard it all and they're sick of listening to you whine about the same things, when nothing is going to change.

to Squirrel Agent Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada #871287

It's called stop *** and do your work. Focus on your job and stay the *** away from all this retarded drama, and you'll be just fine.

All you muthafuckas should get sacked for talking *** about the management when you're the ones feeding the flames. I'm surprised y'all even made it this far.

Y'all been told to stay the *** away from this mess and still come back for more like ratchetass hoes that just dont learn. Y'all are like filthy pieces of *** that won't flush and just clog the *** toilet.

to ***you #871303

Funny. Nice really reply Andy gill. Be a little more creative next time rather than using profanity to prevent others from telling the truth about your antics.

to ***you #876064

The is clearly a response from management. One of the supervisors in the call centre.see this is the maturity that we as agents have to deal with everyday. Bob u need to wake the fck up and realize we r all unhappy and u need to make some changes!

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