I hate #Giordano's pizza they are the worst. I don't know how bad the pizza is if its prepared by these idiots!

Madelaine Hollis from #squirrelsystems is attempting to push all the peoblems under the rug by saying it will get addressed, but how is that possible? Our company doesn't have enough money to spend on training the staff on Giordano's customized software. All that will get done is an email will be sent to employees to refrain from divulging company information on a public website...

Squirrel systems of course does not want the public to see their financial crisis they are undergoing nor do they want their clients to know that squirrel systems has laid off half of their employees , which in the end means customers have to hold for a longer time when they call squirrel for help. If you want my advice : Go to Micros or Vivonet they have a way better Pos system than the one at squirrel systems and they are more financially stable to be able to properly train the staff.

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