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Fyi to all customers: Recently #squirrelsystems fired all of their senior staff members working in technical support. Including Andy gill, Brock, Sean Davis they are all fired.

Now Squirrel Systems has a bunch of newbies that dont know anything! Good job squirrel systems!this has got to be one of the most f'd up companies I know. This is all thanks to Adam Willson who is a complete devil and cannot be trusted he will do whatever he can to get to the top. Adam Wilson I still have all your text messages saved from the time you tried selling me your *** you apparently grew.

Some director you are! Deny deny deny but you cant fool everyone.

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Bqrqck obaoma is black and he is wack and I know how to rap because I'm on crack


Pakii land

Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan #954318

User should get all the info written in an article with the blink of an eye. And This is what you have done in your article. Your efforts are appreciate able.



Squirrel systems is one of the worst companies ever. They don't care about customers #squirrelsystems sucks

Mountain View, California, United States #950034

Go find another job! I came to this site looking for customers who have had bad experiences with squirrel.

Just a bunch of whiney ex employees.

Glad you got fired! Looks like I might consider doing business with squirrel.

Greater London, Greater London, United Kingdom #940217

Wonder Post, I highly appreciate those people who share some good information, and you have share some precious things this is sooo kind :).


Macnab Park, Saskatchewan, Canada #939077

How was it that internal information/incidents from squirrel systems ended upon on this website? And now that Sean Davis , andy gill both got fired the gossip stopped.now they can't post what's going on at squirrel because they dont know what's happening .

Good job squirrel you got rid of the right people besides sean Davis never resolved any of the calls he took, he has been there for 3 years but constantly asked newbies for help. How did he last at squirrel for 3 years?

to investigator Surrey, British Columbia, Canada #943702

doesnt matter ben senman is still a ***

to IGill Surrey, British Columbia, Canada #961143

Leave him alone. Ben is awesome .

N st an fyi there was at least one other *** guy that worked at telus he is no longer there though. Won't name names.

But dont pick on someone just because they are different . ***

to love Surrey, British Columbia, Canada #961144

Sean rosciki ben jake doesn't tolerate dhit like this . Leave him the *** alone

Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada #917067

The bottom line about this posting is that Adam attempted selling someone marijuana which is illegal in this state. As mentioned a few postings below by a law student this type of act is condemned and will lead to criminal charges if found guilty.

During a court proceeding, if requested by the examiner- a warrant for Text messages sent from Adam's cellular device can be obtained by reaching Adam's cellular service provider.

Now again this does not necessarily need to escalate there but if it does this will be the outcome. Adam needs to resign from his position and step down.

Gaylord, Michigan, United States #914874

Ben S is not into women. He likes the D. Hes never been with a girl before...ask him.

to Anonymous Surrey, British Columbia, Canada #915176

So what if he's ***. Leave him alone.

to Anonymous #917065

I apologize for posting this comment about Ben it is untrue.

to Anonymous Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada #937229

There is nothing wrong with a boy liking a

Boy. Get over it.

Whether it be ben or whoever leave him alone. Done rant.

New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada #914200

Adam should just own up to this. I'm sure he texted Andy and begged for him to deny anything if Bob calls to confirm whether Adam grows pot.

Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada #904414

I purchased pot from Adam Willson

to Anonymous Macnab Park, Saskatchewan, Canada #904764

What's ur name? U can put images of your txt history on here for everyone to see

to Anonymous Macnab Park, Saskatchewan, Canada #904817

Andy (inderjit) Gill posted this. Andy you showed everyone at work the texts from when adam sold you pot.

Why not just post it . You're being a lame sauce right now

to Anonymous Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada #904962


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