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The system is filled with operating issues that require ongoing technical support. No surprise that the IT department is troubleshooting the issues, they have to take your system down which of course totally disrupts your business and prints you from performing any system work.

In today's world there are so many more options so you would think that Squirrel would put effort in ensuring there system is reliable. I would not encourage anyone to spend money on the implementation of this system.

Do you self a favor and get a real POS. This one will on frustrate you and your customers.

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North Richland Hills, Texas, United States #1177005

This is exactly what I'm going through. Squirrel System is always having issues, everyday.

always something. Reps.

are the most disrespectful people. MKPOS Mike, has been the worst.


That statement below is almost accurate. There are NOT some agents that take their job seriously but there are a couple, if any.

The chances of a customer getting a competent agent on the phone and an agent who takes their job seriously is approximately 0.5%.

㊗ Explanation: There are approximately 20 support agents and only two (2/20) of them take their job seriously.

However the chances of them being on a call while you call in are 1/20. 0.05*0.10=0.005 *100%=0.5%

to Mathematics #871419


to probability101 #871627

Haha this is awesome! This is actually accurate!!!

-current support agent


I assure you, not all of the support agents are giant as*es. There are some agents that definitely care and take their job very seriously.

to Current agent #877391

Haha no we are ALL giant a$$es. I spoke with Karen from Giordano's pizzeria last week and she was dumb as sh*t.

I hate dealing with retards.

Just so you know giordanos we all have got the worst training and we all avoid answering your calls because your managers are a bunch of retards! #giordanos #squirrelsystems #pos


No talk of Beth? No wonder she likes working in a tech center she likes working with all the boys.

She got down and dirty with at least two.

Who knows of the others ! Gross

to beth #868653

Hi anonymous. Beth is not employed at squirrel systems anymore! Beths gone, Josh Is gone, Sean Is gone, jakes gone,eriks gone.

to beth #869581

Beth Is gone for one year. Shes on mat leave , her belly was about to pop out This last week at work, she was humongous!

Shes one of those girls That Never learns. By the time shes 30 she Will Be strolling around with at least 3 kids all from different baby daddies!

to babby daddies #873607

Omg that is so mean.


Are You related to Sean Davis? The reason I saw that is your writing is filled grammar errors, short incomplete sentences and spelling errors.



First off learn to spell before you start ranting about our pos.

Secondly as a technical support rep I give zero fcks if you like our system or not, everytime you call we will take your *** system down and there ain't a *** thing you can do about it.

-solution centre agent

to dont care #867672

We will find a new pos system if that is the case.

to Anonymous #870164

too bad you already paid your support contract

don't worry when it expires we will have sales call you and harass you until you agree to sign a new one, or we will just bill your credit card which we have on file. you can't just leave squirrel, don't you know that dummy?

to Anonymous #870729

Thanks for your comments dummy. Have you heard of a criminal court? That is where you folks will end up if you fraudulently use my credit card without my permission

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