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I work at squirrel systems and I absolutely refuse to deal with this company anymore. They have the most incompetent employees employed at their locations. They are not able to do the simplest tasks you ask them to do and they are so rude!

They call in all the time looking for support and the managers don't have the slightest clue on how to function a Squirrel POS system... How the *** do you expect to serve your customers. Most staff members here at squirrel do NOT have the training to help your employees so you need to start training your st*p*d employees better. The technology squirrel has used to design your system is horrible so the agents at the call center can only help you so much.

✖✖✖ BOTTOM LINE : You people need to STOP calling us at Squirrel so much because we hate dealing with you people ,and we hate dealing with your system because it is all customized and it makes our lives ***! So please ....STOP calling us. I REALLY HOPE THE MANAGERS OF GIORDANO'S PIZZERIA SEE THIS .

Reason of review: tired of helping incompetent customers.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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To Bob Mackett:

I have made many attempts in the office to voice my opinion and make my opinion count however it has gone unnoticed and I have been left no choice but to go public.

In order to make the solution centre ( 1 800 288 8160 ) content we have a few amendments we would like to make to our procedures, policies and hierarchy at Squirrel Systems.

1) fire madelaine Hollis and hire a new HR geberalist.

2) provide incentive for senior staff to stay at squirrel systems otherwise we will all be leaving in the next few months and you will be left with all new employees.

3)provide a Sufficient. Training

to meetingstart Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada #890743

I'm a new employee and already hate it. Any advice of better positions I could move to in squirrel?do u know if I could ask Adam and move to another role? Is it difficult to move?

to newbie #891113

Try database building position, it's actually ok.. and u get to work at your own pace.

Theres no supervisors running around and making You uncomfortable like upstairs in solution centre. #newbie#welcome#squirrelsystems#fall#flexible#Adam Wilson #Adam Willson #sql#Löwwage #nammer#pp #agent #solution centre #Beth&jake


I hate #Giordano's pizza they are the worst. I don't know how bad the pizza is if its prepared by these idiots!

Madelaine Hollis below from #squirrelsystems is attempting to push this all under the rug by saying it will get addressed, but how is that possible? Our company doesn't have enough money to spend on training the staff on Giordano's customized software. All that will get done is an email will be sent to employees to refrain from divulging company information on a public website... Squirrel systems of course does not want the public to see their financial crisis they are undergoing nor do they want their clients to know that squirrel systems has laid off half of their , which in the end means customers have to hold for a longer time when they call squirrel for help.

If you want my advice : Go to Micros or Vivonet they have a way better Pos system than the one at squirrel systems and they are more financial stable to be able to properly train the staff.

to Advice #883890

***correction: Squirrel systems of course does not want the public to see their financial crisis they are undergoing nor do they want their clients to know that squirrel systems has laid off half of their employees , which in the end means customers have to hold for a longer time when they call squirrel for help.

Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada #882481

The comments posted on this site are neither supported nor sanctioned by Squirrel Systems and do not represent the views of our company. The veracity of the claims made by anonymous users who may or may not be employed by Squirrel Systems should be considered suspect.

We hold our customers in the highest regard, including Giordano's Famous Chicago Pizza.

To the staff and managers at Giordano's, we regret that you have been subjected to online abuse and untruths. Squirrel Systems will be taking steps to address this issue internally.

Madelaine Hollis, Human Resources

to Squirrel Systems Chicago, Illinois, United States #882650

Hello Madelaine,

If you hold customers in such high regards why is there a posting degrading a customer of squirrel systems? This is absolutely sick madelaine.

At the bottom of the posting it asks "how many people experienced the same issue" and SIX employees said they had the same issue. This is despicable! How are you going to resolve the issue madelaine ? My managers deserve more respect then what is being given to them and this posting pushes me over the ledge.

This is an internal posting as no one else would know there is customized software etc at our locations. Please take appropriate steps to ensure this does not happen again.

Jack Westland

Giordano's Famous Chicago Pizza

to Reply to Madelaine Hollis Surrey, British Columbia, Canada #882997

Just find a new POS system and stop usin squrrel. cut your losses, because next time one of your stores calls in, we might "accidentally get disconnected". It would a *** shame.


Someone who gets paid 40k/year to hang up on you

Squirrel Solutions Agent

to You will never know Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada #883082

I know the entire staff runs to the breakroom as soon as a Giordano's call comes into the ***. Its pretty sad how poorly we are trained about your system! #getanewpos#fall#Giordano 's#pizza#Chicago #giordanospizza#squirrelsystems#madelainehollisisnotgenuineanddoesnotcareaboutabyonebutherself

to You will never know Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada #883084

This sounds like Beth.


to You will never know #883160

Beth has been on maternity leave since the beginning of September.. You never give up do you.

to You will never know New Orleans, Louisiana, United States #883168

It's the same story with Logan's and with The Keg. They all requre hacker skills to be able to log in and fix there systems.

they should just stop calling us too.

to Squirrel Systems #883382

The only untruths being told here are by you to your employees who you willfully betray, you conniving weasel. Madelaine should be fired too.


I hate madelaine! She is the worst hr person! I liked gio better !!!!

to Anonymous #884889

Madelaine Hollis of squirrel systems is being attacked because she too has deceived employees and has been untrustworthy and made many broken promises. She made promises with past squirrel employees and has not fulfilled them and as a result she is looked down upon.

Madelaine Hollis has gotten employees fired for silly reasons. She talks big but shes nothing but BOB's puppet. She sits in the breakroom nibbling on her sandwich as we all stare at her with disgust.

No one feels comfortable talking to her and no one trusts her and that is why these online postings happen ! Get a new HR manager Squirrel!

Chicago, Illinois, United States #880167

Oh please ur tech service u give ain't a *** help to my god *** staff u ought to know that by know. I be sure to mention this post to decision makers at Giordanos to possibly consider a new system.


Well maybe You should put a hashtag in ? It will increase the chances of Giordano's seeing your message.

#Giordano #giordano's #giordanopizzeria #Chicago

to agreed #884888

Forgot about




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